CRB services

Professionalism and experience

With 20 years of experience, we offer the best for your materials. A team of experts is on hand to assess, advise and monitor the most suitable route to maximize your value.
A complete supply chain ensures the security of the block, and not only that, in every single step.


Resin Block

It is a process that more than any other makes the resin penetrate the block. It is a recommended procedure for blocks with more defects because it fills in any imperfections, such as cracks and fissures.

Quarry System

Inspection and intervention in the quarry carried out with green resin by qualified and specialised personnel. The aim is to minimise the waste of material by preventing the banks from breaking during tipping.

Fiberglass Matting

This processing ensures higher strength to the marble and maximum cohesion of the material. It is available in several weights for customized needs.

Wooden crates

This treatment entails the covering of the marble block with marine plywood filled with epoxy resin. The wood softens the force and the stress caused by the handling and by the movement of the gang-saw, it protects the block and prevents ruptures and cracks. The final result is also represented by the finishing of the slabs that show a linear frame.

3D Honeycomb Matting

This processing was devised directly by our technicians thanks to the experience gained over the years and the continuous study of materials. This processing exploits the three-dimensionality of the mat to restore the block.

Bank restoration

A consolidation service to strengthen the structure of the bank in order to maximise its resistance during overturning.

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