Marble is in our veins

Excellence and a point of reference in Versilia and upper Tuscany for the restoration of marble and granite blocks. The company, founded in 2003, boasts many years of experience in the stone sector; over the years it has evolved through the development and consolidation of new, highly specialised techniques aimed at processing each individual material, advancing solutions capable of reducing waste of time and material.
The combination of passion for the job and technological innovation is what unites and strengthens our team, entirely composed of professionals in the sector who have been working with us for years. Expertise, great skill, and technical expertise are what we guarantee on a daily basis for your valuable materials.

A story that lasts since 1977


Omero Campioni, born in Pietrasanta on 10 May 1908, embarked on his journey. He set off for India with a group of friends, in search of fortune. Upon his arrival in India, Omero Campioni found granite, a solid and resistant material that was extremely suitable for cutting.


Once he discovered the excellent cutting properties, Omero Campioni decided to export and trade granite from India to Italy. After a 50-day journey via the Horn of Africa, in 1945, he was the first in Italy to saw a block of granite into slabs.


Paolo Campioni, son of Omero Campioni inaugurated the first company that would lay the foundations for the history of Centro Resinatura Blocchi.


58 years later, the accumulated experience leads to the exploration of new pioneering techniques. In 2003 the transition: Centro Resinatura Blocchi was founded. The company is one of the first in Italy to invest in the technique of resin bonding, reducing the waste resulting from the cutting of blocks to an all-time low.


The success of Centro Resinatura Blocchi led to the decision to take the step towards a system with industrial scale and methods. An investment that continues to this day on an ongoing basis to continue increasing the company’s efficiency and technological level.


The mission of Centro Resinatura Blocchi is to maximise the value of your materials, in the form of blocks and pallets. Zero waste processing, through a complete line of services and a team of experts.


The vision of Centro Resinatura Blocchi is the sustainability of the marble supply chain. In addition to optimising the usability of materials, the company pays the utmost attention to the well-being of workers and the environmental aspect at all stages of processing.